Wild Silk Scarf 4


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This scarf is 100% Wild Silk.

All of my scarfs are naturally dyed in my home studio using various different leaves such as: eucalyptus, fern, maple, birch,  oak, seaweeds and many others, foraged locally from the Tasmanian bush and my garden.  The fresh leaves are contact printed onto the scarf with a gentle steaming process. Once the leaves are used I can’t use them again, and the leaves go back to earth in my compost. That’s why all of the scarves are one of a kind. No nasty chemicals, just the power and hidden beauty of the leaves.



About 35cm by 173cm


About the Wild Silk:

Unlike fine silk which is produced from worms  that have been domesticated and not allowed to live their full life, Wild Silk is produced from cocoons where the moth has left naturally. This means that the resultant thread is broken and coarser in texture. Because of the way wild silk is produced it is often referred to as Humane or peace silk.



How do you care for it?

I recommend hand washing, using a mild (preferably eco-friendly) detergent in cold water. Do not tumble dry. Iron, on silk settings. On the first few washes the scarf may release little dye. This is normal. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, e.g. leaving it on the washing line for a few days.